What is Mudjacking?

What is Mudjacking and how does it work?

Mudjacking is a process that raises and levels sunken concrete, eliminating the need for concrete replacement.

It can be used on driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, porches, steps, foundations, and other concrete surfaces.

The concrete needs to be in good condition, with few or no cracks, and have a reasonable depth (thickness).

The process begins by drilling a 1 5/8 “diameter hole(s) through the top of the existing concrete. (The holes are the diameter of a Snapple bottle cap.) The number of holes and their placement depends on the size of the piece to be raised.

A mud slurry is pumped into the hole(s) in the concrete. The hydraulic pressure raises up the concrete until it is at the desired level.

After the concrete is raised, the hole(s) is plugged with a foam plug, the concrete surface is cleaned, the foam plug(s) is pushed down, and the hole(s) is filled with concrete.

What we can’t do.
We cannot raise pavers or asphalt paving and we also cannot raise dirt filled steps.