Property Managers

Concrete repair for property managers

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  • Realtors
  • Apartments / Apartment Managers
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With mudjacking, property owners can reduce the risk of trip and fall on their sidewalks, steps and drives by properly aligning the top of these walkways.

In addition, proper sloping will allow water to drain off the surface to prevent puddles and icing.

Managers of condominium and apartment complexes with swimming pools can realize the benefits of maintaining even surfaces around the pool area by means of mudjacking.

Changing ownership of any property will create inspections from different sources, including townships, insurance inspectors, and the buyer’s inspector.

All of these will be looking at the sidewalks – especially were the sidewalk meets the curb. This is where we shine. The buyer may want thousands off the sale price, but since mudjacking can correct the problems for less, everybody wins.