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Concrete Repair for contractors.

We have worked with mason contractors who have had their stamped and stained concrete sink after the work had been completed.

Remember, concrete can sink from unforeseen circumstances like buried tree stumps, gopher holes, etc. We are able to save those contractors from having to break up their finished concrete work, and then try to re-create the same pattern and color.

Mudjacking was the solution for one contractor who installed an exposed aggregate walk and step. As you can guess, it would have been impossible to re-install one pad and have it match that kind of decor.

A Word About Our Integrity
Although we are also a contracting company, with other services available, we are professional and honorable, and will respect your customer’s relationship with you and your company. Please know that we are there to work for you to offer a mud-jacking solution to your problem.

Property Managers

Concrete repair for property managers

  • Property Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Realtors
  • Apartments / Apartment Managers
  • Churches
  • Organizations

With mudjacking, property owners can reduce the risk of trip and fall on their sidewalks, steps and drives by properly aligning the top of these walkways.

In addition, proper sloping will allow water to drain off the surface to prevent puddles and icing.

Managers of condominium and apartment complexes with swimming pools can realize the benefits of maintaining even surfaces around the pool area by means of mudjacking.

Changing ownership of any property will create inspections from different sources, including townships, insurance inspectors, and the buyer’s inspector.

All of these will be looking at the sidewalks – especially were the sidewalk meets the curb. This is where we shine. The buyer may want thousands off the sale price, but since mudjacking can correct the problems for less, everybody wins.

Business Owners

Concrete repair for business owners.

Puddles, ice, roots – popped up sidewalks are prime ex maples of a potential risk for your business. We can correct these problems and give your business front a professional look that you deserve!

Loss Risk
Business owners need to keep their employees and customers safe and reduce their risk of loss due to trips and falls by keeping their walkways even and level.

Curb Appeal
A sidewalk pooling with water in front of a restaurant, or any business entrance, is not a welcome sight to a patron in open toe shoes. Also, the cost that incurs after years of moisture build up around common areas and grounds can be prevented.

Well-maintained walkways and entrances are inviting to patrons.

Interior Areas (Foundation Repair)
We also mudjack the interior slabs of garages, warehouses, factories, stores, etc.

Home Owners

Mudjacking concrete repairs for home owners.

Examples of areas that service through our cost savings mudjacking services:

  • Pool repair,
  • uneven sidewalks
  • tree roots – popped up sidewalks,
  • driveways,
  • foundation repair,
  • slab foundations,
  • steps, and garage floors –

Residential pools are a large portion of our mudjacking business. Most pools are built quickly so the customer can start using them as soon as possible.

Because of this, sometimes at the expense of a quality installation. If the soil is not properly compacted, the concrete can settle.

This is not to say that every pool with sinking concrete was improperly installed.

Oftentimes, soil is brought in to build up an area of the property to get the required depth for pool installation. It too has the possibility of settling, or even washing away.

When this happens, we can most often correct the problem with less expense, and much less (if any) disruption, than replacing any of the pads.

As a matter of fact, it is important with some types of in-ground pools (especially fiberglass) that the concrete remain in place, as it is a critical component of the pool itself. Check with the manufacture or installer.

With mudjacking, homeowners can reduce the risk of “trip and fall”. Most homeowners don’t realize that they are responsible for the sideway at the edge of their property, not the township. If tree roots have pushed up the pads, or a new utility installation has caused the pads to sink, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to repair them. Again, we can correct most of these situations.

Mudjacking will improve the appearance of their home. We have raised steps leading to the front door that have sunken over 6” from where they should have been. Not only does this look bad, but that made the top step over 13” high.

At this job, the homeowner was also tickled pink because when we raised the existing porch, rather than having it replaced, he did not have to involve the township for permits.